Catering Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why Select Finley's As Your Caterer?

Finley's been a hometown favorite for over 40 years servicing the community with great food and attentive service. It is our desire to make your special event delicious, memorable and stress free. Our expert catering team is passionate about the details and now with our smokehouse experience, we want to share our recipes along with Finley's favorites to your next event.

What Makes Finley's Food Special?

We've been serving Finley's favorites in the community for over 40 years. Now with our new smokehouse on site, we now have the Bar-B-Que experience where we smoke meats up to 17 hours. Our sides are hand-crafted, our sauces are house-made, people say our Bar-B-Que meats are some of the best around.

What Kind of Events Does Finley's Cater?

We've been invited to some of the best parties in town. We cater all types of special events: corporate events, business lunches, weddings, dinner parties, Bar-B-Que's, church picnics and much more.

What Size Events Can Finley's Cater?

Our motto is "Any celebration, any place, any time". No event is too big or too small for Finley's.

What Type of Catering Services Does Finley's Offer?

We offer three kinds of catering services from our Blue Star (Delivery), White Star (Pick Up) & Red Star.(The Works)

How Do I Place A Catering Order?

It's very simple. Fill out the catering form attached or call us at your favorite Finley's Grill & Smokehouse to get a quote.

Where Can I Find A Catering Menu?

Go on our website and click on Catering Menu to see our catering menu choices; however, we can customize anything for your special event.

How Do I Request A Catering Quote?

You can request an on-line quote by filling out the information sheet on line or you can call your favorite Finley's closest to you.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Place A Catering Order?

Because we smoke meats up to 17 hours, it's best to at least give us 24 hours to ensure that we have fresh product available for you. However, if your event is today or tomorrow, we can meet those catering needs.

How Do I Make Sure There Is Enough Food For Everyone?

We are professionals and our event planners have experience with hundreds of catering events. We will plan your event with your party size in mind.

Where Can I Find Special Menus, i.e., Gluten Free, Vegetarian?

Finley's has delicious vegetarian offers. We can create any menu for any particular diet or allergy that is needed.

My Event Is Out of Town, Which Finley's Should I Use?

Just find the Finley's that is located closest to you.